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Superfly Climbs Peru

In early 2020, top motoclimb athlete Austin “Superfly” Teyler traveled to Peru, seeking giant hills that have never been climbed on a dirtbike. As one of the top athletes in his sport, Austin’s passion is shared between racing the national circuit and finding new hills that have yet to be crested. When approached with the opportunity from Elevated Action Sports and Branko Bozovich to explore the hills of Peru, he didn’t think twice. Superfly traveled with two filmers to document the trip, packing a few IRC Tires, swing-arm extensions, and several other parts that modified the Socopur Motorsports KTM 450 SX-F for the hills. The crew spent a week filming Superfly ride up giant mountain canyons, steep hills along the coastline, through endless sand dunes, across remote beaches, and in the heart of a bustling desert oasis. They did not know what to expect when embarking on this adventure, but got to experience the vibrant culture of Peru, created new lifelong friendships, and left with tons of unique footage. “Uncharted” is the first movie of its kind for the sport of motoclimb, opening the door for a new way to film this century-old discipline.

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