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IRC Endurofest is back! This year, we are fortunate to host it in Idaho, in partnership with the great crew at Orofino LoggerXross and IRC Tire. In the poster above, you can see the schedule of events that will be going on that week, including:

Wednesday 6/23: Max Gerston's Max Off-Road Training Clinic
Friday 6/25: Destry & Cooper Abbott DA8 Training Enduro Cross Clinic
Friday 6/25: The legendary Orofino LoggerXross, with $10,000 combined purse
Saturday 6/26: The all new Maniac Hard Enduro, with $5000 minimum purse

There will be vendors, lots of delicious food, and plenty of good times this year at
IRC Endurofest-Idaho. Race signups will be on-site before the events. If you have any questions, please email us at elevatedactionsports@gmail.com or Jim at orofinologgerxross@gmail.com.
We're looking forward to seeing you there!

IRC Endurofest-Reno Tahoe (2017-2019)

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We are proud to welcome IRC Tire as the Official Tire of Endurofest! Being a staple in the bicycle and motorcycle tire industry for over 90 years, IRC offers a lineup of off road tires that are the best in the market. Their legendary M5B has won countless motorcycle hillclimb Championships, and their new Gekkota is becoming the go-to sticky tire for riding through extreme terrain. Follow their Instagram (click link below) and keep track of their international racing efforts!